In the Media

Slates & Sides // August 2020
Interview with Savannah Disanjh for Screen Acting School

Tons of Productions Podcast // September 2019
Interview with Mike Parnall for TOPP, Season 1: Episode 21

Women in Film & Television // August 2018
From Our Dark Side Winner, Sandi Gisbert, Shares Her 3 Tips for Attending the Frontieres Film Market

IndieWire // July 2018
The Best Horror Movies from the Frontiers Market at Fantasia 2018

Nazmay // July 2018
Oppkast av Monsterfugler og Seriemorder Podcast / Fantastias Frontieres Market

Playback Online // July 2018
Building new Frontieres for Women in Genre Film

Screen Anarchy // July 2018
Fantasia 2018: Created by Women and Arctic Chill Frontieres Pitches

GAT PR // November 2017
WIDC: Announcing 8 Participants for Story & Leadership Program

Women and Hollywood // November 2017
WIDC Selects Eight Women Directors for Story & Leadership Program at WFF