Opal | Feature Script

TITLE: Opal (Early Development)

GENRE: Supernatural Thriller

LOGLINE: A feature-length supernatural thriller about a young woman who tries to sell her soul to a demon, only to discover that she doesn’t have one.

SYNOPSIS: Despite years of therapy, extra tutoring and a mother who won’t give up on her, Opal has never felt at home in the world. Nothing has been easy. She struggles with school and with making friends. When she starts university, everything gets even harder.

Then she meets Skah, a charismatic rogue who throws the best parties and can get you anything you want – in exchange for your soul. Desperate, Opal tries to take him up on his offer to trade her soul for smarts and popularity… but you can’t sell what you don’t own.

Opal doesn’t have a soul.

Reeling from this discovery, Opal is determined to find out what happened to her soul and get it back. But the deeper she delves into the demon world, the more of her own demon-esque powers are revealed.

 With the demon-hunting Rabbi Pasternak as her guide, Opal will travel to the demon world, uncover secrets her mother would prefer to stay hidden, fight a demon queen, and learn the true value of a soul.

But will she come out of it more demon than human?

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Sandi Gisbert
Sandi Gisbert
Sandi Gisbert is a filmmaker, producer, production manager, and writer. Her portfolio includes live-action scripted and documentary filmmaking, as well as animation and visual effects producing. From television commercials to music videos to animated superhero series, Sandi loves collaborating and invites interest from others with creative vision.