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OPAL is a feature-length supernatural thriller about a young Jewish woman who tries to sell her soul to a demon, only to discover that she doesn’t have one.

I’m Jewish and growing up I watched a lot of horror movies steeped in Catholic ritual. Basically, if you weren’t Catholic, you were dead. But what about the rest of us who weren’t Catholic? How would I fight a demon?
That was the inspiration to write OPAL

OPAL has never felt at home in the world. As a child she was plagued by visions of monsters. and she’s spent most of her life medicated and in therapy to keep her anxieties and hallucinations in check. 

She doesn’t have any real friends, except Rebecca, her mother and most ardent supporter, who will do anything for her daughter. Determined to make her mother proud, OPAL dives into university life, but the pressure proves to be too much and the monsters—or demons—she thought she’d conquered are back. 

Then she meets Skah, a charismatic rogue who knows the coolest people, throws the best parties and can get you anything you want—-for the small price of your soul. Desperate, OPAL decides to take him up on his offer, but you can’t sell what you don’t own.

OPAL doesn’t have a soul.

Reeling from this discovery, OPAL resolves to find out what happened to her soul and get it back. With the demon-hunting Rabbi Pasternak as her guide, she learns to fight demons and about the demon world. In the process she begins to develop demon-esque abilities of her own—including the ability to eat souls. 

Of course, venturing into the demon world comes at a price and OPAL uncovers a family secret that could destroy her mother and prevent her from ever finding her soul.

OPAL was developed with the support of Women in Film and Television Vancouver’s From Our Dark Side genre incubator.


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Sandi Gisbert
Sandi Gisbert
Sandi Gisbert is a filmmaker, producer, production manager, and writer. Her portfolio includes live-action scripted and documentary filmmaking, as well as animation and visual effects producing. From television commercials to music videos to animated superhero series, Sandi loves collaborating and invites interest from others with creative vision.