About Sandi

Wind Sun Sky, Sandi Gisbert, Portfolio, Producer, Production Manager, Animation, Vancouver, BC, Film Industry, Television Industry, Writer

Hi! I am Sandi. I love people and stories. 

An observer by nature, I find myself drawn to drama, thrillers, and sci-fi with confident (and sometimes wicked) female protagonists. A strong narrative conflict, perhaps a supernatural twist (or two), and a good dose of dark humour keep me intrigued.

2021 is shaping up to be an intense yet exciting year, and I find myself driven to delve deeper into creative projects and set new goals. I continue to polish my two feature film scripts OPAL, a supernatural thriller (WIFTV’s From Our Dark Side genre incubator), and FARAH, an indie drama (WIDC 2018 Story & Leadership program).  I’m also in production and/or development of several new exciting film and fiction projects that I will be able to announce soon.

Who am I? I am an explorer of concepts, an imaginative storyteller, an organized producer, an approachable and collaborative leader, and above all else, someone who loves making complex things understandable.

My experience is diverse and includes live-action scripted and documentary filmmaking, as well as producing animation and visual effects. From television commercials to music videos to animated superhero series, my portfolio has a little bit of everything – which is exactly how I like it.

The hand-to-brain connection is strong in my world. Evidenced by the decades of hand-written journals on my shelf, a love of books and crosswords, and a burning desire to write the stories of all the characters that reside in my head.

Going into the second half of this year, I plan to begin mining my history, as meticulously recorded in the aforementioned journals, and explore my changing perspective of the world.

I invite you to peruse my portfolio and projects, and if you are interested or have something you wish to collaborate on, I would love to connect with you.